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Why is it that when I do all the crazy shit to people, they forgive me so fast! Like shit, is it because I’m so wonderful to be around that they will compromise everything for me when they would have gone apeshit at someone else? Like is it because I’m so amazing that they all want to kneel down on the floor and kiss my legendary feet? Yeah I feel like a god when someone apologizes when I was clearly the one at fault but whatever, if they wanna suck my dick, who am I to stop them. 

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I feel bad for my future hubby because one day, he will have a part in my crazy family. 

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I only write when I am falling in love, or falling apart."
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youre not really on choreo cookies are you?

duh. i live in europe.

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my little nephew :)) so cute.

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Dear distant friend,

I have been thinking about the past for some time now. How the two of us were enjoying every day life so careless. How much fun we used to have. That was until the drama came in. We did hold it together for quite some time, it’s a pity we couldn’t endure it until the end. And even if we don’t agree everything about each others up till this day, I hope we can still make it up somehow in the future. I won’t be waiting though, but I do hope it happens someday. And I’ll be looking forward to your life stories. Maybe then I can understand why you choose that path, or just rub it in with an “I told you so”.

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